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Kaiba, formally known as Amarjot Pandher, is an Indo-Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter and music producer for CTC. Born in Vancouver, Amarjot moved across Canada multiple times in his youth and teenage years, often feeling like an ‘outsider’ his entire life. Not until he moved to Saskatoon and met his CTC brothers did he finally feel ‘at home’. An academic scholar with a passion for music, Kaiba completed his Pharmacy degree before switching lanes to focus on what he cared about most - music. Described as a ‘Trap Soul’ by his team, his dark undertones and raw, confident style mirrors that of his biggest inspirations – The Weeknd, Travis Scott and Post Malone. He is one of the main vocalists and CEO of CTC, taking on the role of group leader and handling all things business and promotions. A perfectionist with an ‘every detail matters’ mindset, Kaiba’s leadership has helped elevate the standard for production and music released by CTC. He deeply believes in his team but also understands, to make it in this saturated industry, everything we present to the public should be nothing short of extraordinary.

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