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Create The Culture

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Raised in different parts of the world and eventually settling in Saskatchewan, Canada. Being from various ethnic backgrounds, in a predominantly Caucasian city, 4 boys connected through their love for music and late-night adventures. Nightly freestyle sessions in 2017 turned into recording sessions as the crew started experimenting with FL studio. What started as a hobby soon developed into a passion and an obsession - ‘Create The Culture' (CTC) was born. Taking influences ranging from Drake, Maroon 5, Zedd and Arizona Zervas, CTC excel at creating music in multiple genres, with a focus on hip-hop. They combine strong, genuine emotions with a loving brotherhood charisma that is the cornerstone of their sound. Songs range from upbeat and energetic to dark and moody, with all production, recording and vocal engineering done in-house. Streams over the last 2 years have reached an impressive 400K, all independent. The group believes with their natural talents, desire for mastery and their unique presence, they will manifest their vision and spread the contagious CTC sound to every corner of the globe.


CTC Executive  Producer

Professional 808 Tuner

Creative Director 


Freestyle King 


Trap Soul


Creative lyrics

"Hook King"

Infectious melodies 

The Ace


POP Soul

Social Media Expert

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