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King of the Hooks

Introducing Pascal, the charismatic and disciplined melodic leader of CTC. Born in the country of Nepal, Pascal and his family moved to Canada when he was 10 years old. He credits his father for his vocal talents, drive and work ethic. Pascal’s natural melodic ability, alongside his go-getter attitude and smooth vocals, mirror the style of HipHop power duo Rae Sremmurd. The team describes his melodies as ‘infectious’ and his style as ‘smooth and undeniable’. Pascal’s unique voice, combined with his creative lyricism and flows, make him a force to be reckoned with. Since the beginning of CTC’s creation, he has been a decisive and forceful leader in his own right. Spending hours upon hours alone in his home studio, while working full-time, he carried the team forward through the dark, rookie seasons when there was little hope of manifesting the vision. Pascal takes after his biggest influences, Drake, The Kooks, Owl City and Post Malone; his confidence, swagger, hunger and genuine emotions shine throughout his music. With an ‘all or nothing’ mindset, he is determined to manifest his team’s vision, regardless of how much work or uncertainty lies on this path.

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