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Pascal The Prince Of NepHop

Pascal is an influential, charismatic and disciplined leader of CTC. His natural melodic ability, alongside his go-getter attitude and smooth vocal abilities mirror the skills of HipHop power duo Rae Sremmurd.

Pascal and his team CTC have been steadily growing in the western HipHop scene and are looking to make a serious impact. They pride themselves on doing all things, including beat production, recording and vocal engineering in-house. The team has only been together for 2 years, and have learnt everything themselves, from scratch.

Let’s flash back two and a half years ago and reflect on how CTC began and their journey thus far. CTC originally met in high school. They were not the the closest of friends right off the bat, but the relationships grew, as their late night freestyle sessions turned into recording sessions in BK Fire’s basement. The group believed they had some talent, but nothing came of it until one night when Pascal brought his brother’s old USB microphone to BK’s basement. From this the first recordings began. As things continued to progress, BK became obsessed with beat making, quickly learning the craft and producing industry quality beats.

The first official CTC track, titled “She want it,” was released in June of 2017. The catchy and cocky song sampled a traditional Indian melody. After months of hard work but not much to show for it, the team was growing weary. This journey was a lot harder than they had originally believed; they were feeling defeated and on the verge of quitting. Then something incredible happened.

One night Pascal came down to Kaiba’s studio, where BK Fire, the Ace, and Kaiba were already hard at work. He presented a new melody and song idea to the team. The melody was something they had not heard before. Powerful, simple, catchy and emotional all in one, they knew they had something special with this one. Within a few hours the basic layout of their next song “On Road,” a tear-jerking song reflecting on the hardships of one’s journey, was complete. This new track re-energized CTC with a new belief that they could indeed make an impact in the music game, and create amazing records.

On November 1/2017, Shortly after the release of “On Road”, the team’s first EP “CREATE” was uploaded to Soundcloud. Although the project was poorly mixed and mastered, with in-house mix/mastering, the 13 track EP contained an array of different vibes, showing glimpses of the potential CTC has. Throughout this entire process CTC decided to remain anonymous, as they were working towards getting better at their craft and wanted the music to speak for itself. After this EP is when CTC began gaining some momentum.

The next song released was “Brisbane” – a catchy and cocky song that hit 10K plays on Spotify. Soon came the “Summer’s Not Over” EP containing their song ‘Drippin’ which brought a fresh style and swagger to CTC. The hard hitting and playful beat, mixed with a laid back confident flow got Drippin’ to 100K views on Spotify, igniting CTC with more belief that they had a real shot in the HipHop game. However, at this point CTC hit some personal roadblocks.

It had been 1 year since the release of the ‘CREATE’ EP and the team was now segmented. All originally living in Saskatoon, BK Fire ended up moving to Vancouver to finish up his accounting CPA, and Kaiba was in his final years of his Pharmacy program at University of Saskatchewan. The CTC energy was dwindling, as the distance between the team was blurring the vision and hindering progress. Pascal decided it was time to do something extreme, so he decided to quit his job (that he held for 6 years), relocate the Ace and himself 700kms away to a new city and focus on music full-time.

Brand new to Calgary, Pascal setup the studio and began cooking up some new songs. BK continued to upload new beats to the infamous CTC “Drive” and Pascal continued to work hard, until one day “Flight Team” was born. This track was something special, but it sat uncompleted on the CTC drive for 7 months before it was completed.

After the completion of his degree Kaiba immediately joined the crew in Calgary and BK Fire quit his job in Vancouver and moved to Calgary to re-connect with the team. The CTC energy was re-ignited and it was time to take things to the next level. Finally, on June 1st 2019 “Flight Team” was released. It was a record that was a level higher in addiction, vibe and overall emotional connection with the listeners. After this, the team decided it was time for a little vacation to refresh the mind and strategize how they wanted to tackle the coming year.

They headed out to Mexico to connect with a close-friend, Marquito. During this trip Marquito had ‘Flight Team’ on repeat and urged CTC to create a Mexico remix to the song. In a blur of 1 week, a ‘Flight Team’ remix was completed and the team ended up shooting a spontaneous music video, their first ever. After editing the final version of the music video, the team is confident this video will take them to the next level and gain them the traction they’ve been working towards.

Things have continued to grow for CTC after their catchy, upbeat song “Flight Team” caught the attention of several big record labels. After careful consideration, the team decided to turn down a few offers, as they continue to sharpen their skillset and build their musical resume.

With their first music video planned to release on November 20/2019 followed by their first studio quality EP “Take Flight” releasing on Jan 2/2020, the future is looking bright for CTC. Something about CTC stands out. There is a certain shine, a certain swagger, and a certain energy that permeates the music that is energizing and refreshing to the listeners.

The CTC movement is beginning to grow larger, and Pascal, who proudly labels himself as a Nep-Hop artist, is looking to lead his team to the forefront of HipHop. Keep your eye out for CTC, as this versatile group continues to expand on a larger scale.

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