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If they ask me how I’m doing then I tell

The Ace



There are many ways to describe The Ace; sweet, fierce, and love able just scratch the surface. Born in Mississauga, Ontario before moving to Pakistan, Kenya, and finally to Saskatoon, Abdi Nur, stage name Ace, had a unique upbringing. Being exposed to so many experiences at a young age, Ace unleashes these strong, deep-seated emotions into his music. Ace’s biggest inspirations Khalid, Bruno Mars and Wale have played a role in shaping his sound and style. Described as a ‘Pop Soul’ by his team, his skill set ranges from catchy and emotional pop vocals to vicious, descriptive raps. He is a passionate, talented individual in all things music, with a keen ear for what sounds best. He often takes lead in B-side production and making final cuts for the track. Ace is a loyal friend and team player with a ‘do whatever is necessary for the team’ attitude that has helped the group prosper as best friends and artists.

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